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Me & My Work

I am a lifestyle, fitness, and eco-conscious photographer who helps adventurous and eco-minded people and/or their businesses capture their story for the world to see.


As a passionate photographer and chatterbox, I love meeting new people across Torquay and the Surfcoast.

My photography grew alongside a deep connection with the Ocean and it's surf. The beautiful coast of Victoria, from Torquay to Lorne and Apollo Bay, was my inspiration - I wanted to document life along it's shores.


Wedding photography seemed to evolve and go hand in hand with my coastal lifestyle. I was approached more and more by easy going, fun, and relaxed couples with similar interests to myself.  I often leave weddings feeling like part of the family, and am humbled when the feeling is mutual.

I have been told, and like to consider, my style to be more of a documentation of events.  This results in pictures that are more candid, capturing real emotions.

Other Work

My portfolio also includes:



I love working with local businesses.


Although local to Torquay, Victoria, Australia, I am very open to travel as love an adventure.  I also frequently work in Melbourne.



I am environmentally minded and my long-term goal is for my business to help support our planet.  I have recently decided to donate an annual percentage of my profits to 4Ocean, who do an amazing job at removing plastics from our Oceans.

Contact Me

Jan Juc, Victoria, Australia

Tel: 0431599270

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