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About Me

My photography grew alongside a deep connection with the Ocean and our Planet.

As a passionate photographer and chatterbox, I aspire to meet people and am ready to commence new and exciting ventures with whoever happens to like my style.  I am always open to travel.

My personal interests include coffee, surfing, skiing, cars (dilemma - goes against my 'green' interests I know!) and simply hanging out with friends.

I try and do the best I can in this life by living a simple low-consumer lifestyle, reducing waste and recycling where possible.

My business' goal for the future is to help the planet however I can, whether this be by helping enviro-conscious organisations and companies do what I can't, or simply removing plastic from our oceans one bottle lid at a time. 


Contact Me

Jan Juc, Victoria, Australia

Tel: 0431599270

Sent - Thanks, chat soon

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